For years, I wanted to start a blog, but I was always hung up on getting started. I’m finally here though! I figured that there could always be more autistic people in the blogosphere, and especially autistic women, and there needs to be more people with different co-morbid conditions as well (such as adhd, and dysgraphia). There is too much material out on the internet that misses the mark completely, too many times the floor is given to everyone except the autistics ourselves when it comes to /everything/ to do with our lives. And that’s frankly wrong. What is an effort worth to understand issues in our lives if the effort is severely misguided? So, welcome to my autistic-friendly autistic-ran space, fellow visitors. pull up a chair, wheel up, let me set up a table, whatever. Join me. The water has boiled, the tea is ready, pick out your tea and which mug you want to use. There is a box full of of stim toys, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. -A.